(Video) In 2014, 10 new destinations for Airbus A380 Emirates

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2014 was a very good year for Emirates, Airbus A380 aircraft flying to 10 new destinations, a record for the Arab operator. The only two-deck complete aircraft still amazes passengers with the elegance and comfort offered on board, but also by its dimensions.

Pe January 1 2014, Emirates started the year with A380 flight to Zurich. On February 1 2014, Emirates has started operating the Dubai - Barcelona route with Airbus A380 aircraft. On March 30 2014, an aircraft Airbus A380 Emirates has landed at Gatwick airport in London. On July 16 2014, Emirates has started operating the Dubai-Kuwait route with the Airbus A380, the shortest flight operated with "super jumbo". On July 21 2014, Emirates flew with A380 to Mumbai. On 1 September 2014, Emirates flew with A380 to Frankfurt. On October 1 2014, Emirates flew the A380 to Dallas / Fort Worth. The end of 2014 also came for the first time in aviation for Emirates. In 3 days, Emirates has added 3 new destinations in the A380 network: Milan and San Francisco on December 1, Houston on December 3.

Between 20-25 and 2014, Emirates participated in the ILA Berlin 2014 with an Airbus A380. During five days of aviation performance, the aircraft was visited by approximately 13 000 persons, the equivalent of 25 full loads.

Also in 2014: Emirates operated a special flight with Airbus A380 in Glasgow (April 10 2014); Emirates flew with A380 to Vienna (May 26th).

Emirates is the largest airline of A380, having 57 of aircraft in operational service and 83 on order. In 2014, Emirates received 13 Airbus A380 units, and in 2015 15 units are expected. Currently, Emirates is flying with A380 to 34 destinations worldwide, and Perth will become the 35 destination (1 to 2015).

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