fbpx (Video) In flight, Jetman alongside Airbus A380 Emirates - #HelloJetman

(Video) In flight, Jetman with Airbus A380 Emirates - #HelloJetman

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Acrobats Yves Rossy and Vince Reffet, the trainers Jetman Dubai, flew next to one Emirates Airbus A380. Being a stuntman is not easy. You have to have a dose of insanity, a lot of courage, but also a responsibility to measure. The two accompanied in flight the largest passenger plane in the world, a super jumbo Emirates.

Jetman with Airbus A380 Emirates

Preparations for the Jetman flight with Airbus A380 Emirates

He flew at 1219.200m (4000ft), and the two performed various stunts around the plane. Everything was filmed by a professional team in a helicopter, which flew at 1676.400m (5500ft). It was a moment of tension for the pilots of the aircraft, knowing that the two will revolve around the "giant". But the choreography was directed down to the smallest detail, and the emphasis was on safety. This flight could also be made thanks to those from the Dubai Civil Aviation Authority.

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