Inauguration of the Constanta - Milan route operated by Blue Air (May 2, 2015)

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On 2 May 2015, after a delay, here it is the Constanta - Milan route was inaugurated. The Constanta - Milan route is honored with 2 weekly flights, on Wednesdays and Saturdays, according to the following schedule:

Constanta (CND) 12: 40 - 14: 10 Milan (Bergamo) (BGY)
Milan (Bergamo) (BGY) 08: 40 - 12: 10 Constanta (CND)

The inaugural flight was operated by a Boeing 737-300 (YR-BAC), which is in the Blue Air fleet starting with August 4 2014. The aircraft is powered by 2 CFM56-3 engines and can carry up to 136 passengers. She is 28.7 years old.

The route was inaugurated in the presence of Italian journalists who arrived on a short vacation on the Romanian coast, and on the flight Constanta - Milan were boarded approximately 70 passengers. Ticket prices start at 27,99 euros per segment, taxes included, limited seats, and those leaving Milan benefit from the free Fast track.

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