Living in the Age of Airplanes at A380 Emirates

(Video) "Living in the Age of Airplanes" for the first time on board an Emirates Airbus A380

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Living in the Age of Airplanes offers a new perspective on a modern miracle that we use daily: flight. Narrated by Harrison Ford, the documentary shows how airplanes managed to connect the world in less than a century, a phenomenon our forefathers couldn't imagine.

Living in the Age of Airplanes was filmed in 95 locations, from 18 countries and 7 continents, over several years. It highlights the amazing rapid advances in aviation that have led to a world where over 100 000 flights take off or land every day.


It's been 175 years since the introduction of the steam engine and only 100 years since the first commercial flight. And yet, boarding a plane to travel thousands of miles in just a few hours is perceived as an inconvenience and not a miracle of technology. But for many of us, the plane is one of the safest means of transportation in the world. Will succeed "Living in the age of Airplanes"To change people's perception of airplanes and flight?

Living in the Age of Airplanes It was directed by Brian J. Terwilliger and produced by Terwilliger and Bryan H. Carroll. National Geographic Studios purchased the rights to broadcast.

On 10 April 2015, the film will debut in US cinemas, but especially in aviation museums. We still have no details about the film's debut in Europe.

But some were more fortunate and enjoyed Living in the Age of Airplanes aboard an Airbus A380 Emirates. EX1400 flight took off from Los Angeles airport and flew 2.5 hours over the Pacific Ocean, during which special guests and media representatives received special treatment.

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