(Video) A Boeing 747-400 Qantas aircraft flew with 5 engines

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The title may sound weird, but that's how it happened. On 6 January 2016, Qantas announced that an aircraft Boeing 747-400, which operated flight QF63 on the route Sydney - Johannesburg, had an extra "passenger". It is a 6-ton Rolls Royce engine.

We all think we quickly recognized a Boeing 747 in terms of the 4 engines and the "hump", but few think we knew that the B747 could carry a spare engine. The engine was mounted on the left wing, between the aircraft body and the interior engine. The 5th engine was not powered for flight. It was only caught by a special support and properly anchored for the trip. Through this process, Qantas said it reduces the time to transport an engine by other means (on water or by using a cargo aircraft). Pilots are trained to operate the aircraft in complete solitude.

Considering that the Boeing 747-400 had to carry additional 6 tons, which resulted in increased fuel consumption, a technical stop was needed at Perth Airport. Once in Johannesburg, the engine was immediately lowered from the wing and ready to be mounted on another Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

The "sick" engine, the one replaced in Johannesburg, will not enjoy a trip at height. He will be sent to Sydney aboard a cargo ship. It does more, but it is not necessary yet.

Qantas Boeing-707-5 motors

Qantas is not the first such action. He pioneered the early jet era. A Boeing 707 Qantas operated the first flight with 5 engines. It's a cumbersome process and done rarely, but efficiently.

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