By plane: Runway 34 Restaurant - Zurich (Video / Photo)

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We have always wondered what happens to outdated aircraft. Many of them are abandoned by different corners of airports, others reach old beasts or aircraft cemeteries. Some of them are more fortunate to be exhibited in aviation museums, but there are also a number of airplanes that end up being refurbished and arranged in cafes, restaurants and even homes.

We started looking for them and started with Runway 34, a restaurant built around an Ilyushin 14 plane in Zurich. The story of this restaurant started from 1990, when Reto Seipel, a line pilot who worked for Swissair / SWISS and Emirates, decided to open a restaurant that combines aviation and culinary passion in the most enjoyable way. . That's how he began to look for an aircraft around which to put his idea into practice.

Runway 34, a restaurant built around an Ilyushin 14 aircraft in Zurich

At first it was a Douglas DC-3 or a Convair 440 Metropolitan, but both models were far too expensive. In 2002, after many years of searching and with the help of a friend, he arrived in Russia where he found an Ilyushin IL-14. The plane was built in 1957 at the Chkalov Plant - Tashkent, and was delivered to the Soviet Air Force. He collected over 9100 flight hours. He was withdrawn in 1999 and stored at the Zhukovsky airfield near Moscow.

runway 34 zurich

At the beginning of 2004, Reto Seipel began negotiations for the plane with Oleg Parfentiev, the owner at that time. Following the negotiations, it was established that Reto Seipel, better said the company Runway Restaurants AG (the one who owns the restaurant), will have ownership after the aircraft reaches Zurich.

runway 34 zurich

To be moved to Switzerland, Ilyushin IL-14 needed a certificate of airworthiness and basic repairs. The first test flight, after maintenance work, was operated on 7 April 2005. Through May 2005, a temporary airworthiness certificate was obtained, but from Kyrgyzstan.

On 25 June 2005, the navigating staff of Captain Jurij Kabanov, co-pilot Viktor Zabologskij and navigator / mechanic Sergej Dushin and the passenger / owner Oleg Parfentiev boarded the old Ilyushin IL-14 to Zurich.

The flight consisted of two segments: Zhukovsky airfield - Warsaw (for refueling) - Zurich. This was also the last flight in the history of the aircraft. On June 26, 2005, the plane landed on runway 28 at Zurich Airport, its final destination. At the age of 48, Ilyushin IL-14 (msn 7343408) flew smoothly from Moscow to Zurich.

Runway Restaurant 34

Upon arrival, the aircraft was taken to a hangar by SR Technics. The remaining fuel was removed and the hydraulic oil was drained. On July 3, the plane was cleaned and ready to move to the place where the restaurant was to be built.

On July 7, 2005, the plane was towed from the SR Technics hangar and positioned where you can still see it today, Rohrstrasse 67, 8152 Glattbrugg - Switzerland. Specifically, near Zurich International Airport, southwest of runway 16/34.

The aircraft was restored to the interior and preserved, and around it was built a building in the form of a hangar. restaurant Runway NEVER officially opened its doors on 13 October 2005. To get an idea of ​​what it's like inside, check out the pictures below!

As you can see, the restaurant offers a beautiful view over the Zurich-Kloten International Airport.

Below you have a photo gallery with the aircraft and the restaurant in all stages of construction. And if you still know about cafes and restaurants built on or around airplanes, please leave comments with their name.

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