VIDEO: The collapse of the Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai aircraft

(Video) Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai crash and impact momentum

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First of all, we announce that the images presented in this article have a major emotional impact. We advise you not to look at them if you are not emotionally prepared.

We remind you that on 19 March 2016, the plane Boeing 737-800 FlyDubai (A6-FDN), which operates the FZ981 flight, crashed in Rostov-on-Don, southwestern Russia. Following the accident, 62 people lost their lives.

In the video presented by DonDay, you can see how the aircraft comes to the landing, then cancel the second attempt. The plane rises, disappears into the clouds, but soon returns with speed and crashes to the ground.

Several catches, taken from the surveillance cameras in the region, show how the aircraft plunges to the ground at an almost vertical angle and speed, and the violent impact with the ground led to an explosion.

The investigation is ongoing. Analysts are looking for answers to questions and probably the most common: "What led to the crash of the plane in such a violent form?". An aviation accident has several direct and indirect causes and several hypotheses are being investigated. Following the investigations, new regulations in aviation must also result.


Although the recorders suffered major damage, the aeronautical specialists managed to copy all the data from the voice recorder in the cockpit. We follow the course of the investigation and will come back with information.

  1. gabriel says

    looks like suicide by angle and visas of "landing"

  2. Bogdan says

    It looks like a stall, probably a combination of the low speed resulted after abandoning the landing (at landing it comes with about 230km / h I think, and at takeoff it takes off from + 270km / h) + weather conditions (at landing it is preferred wind from the front, implicitly and speed reduction), the aircraft lost its lift and salute… 🙁

    PS - I'm not an expert, just passionate ...

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