(Video) The first Boeing 767-300ER Freighter Amazon Prime Air

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On August 5, Amazon released images of the first Boeing 767-300ER Freighter in colors Prime air. As we announced in March 2016, Amazon has leased 20 from Boeing 767F aircraft for its own cargo fleet.

Boeing 767-300ER Amazon Prime Air Freighter

The first B767F was painted and ready to ship Amazon packages to the United States. N1997A was registered, but not by accident. It is a prime number and the year Amazon was listed on the NASDAQ market. All Amazon Prime Air aircraft will be operated under the Atlas Air license.

According to the Amazon release, 11 B767F aircraft are already in operational service, but the one shown in the pictures is the first in the colors of Amazon Prime Air and called Amazon One.

PHOTO: HarrisonF / Boeing 767-300F Amazon Prime Air

Boeing 767F-Amazon Prime Air

The history of the Boeing 767-300F N1997A began on 17 June 1994, with the first flight. It is over 22 years old, and the propulsion is provided by 2 General Electric CF6 engines. Air Europa, Vietnam Airlines and Kenya Airways enjoyed the services of this aircraft. From September 30 2015, the aircraft entered the Atlas Air fleet.

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