(Video) The first commercial flight operated by Boeing 777 (20 years of B777 flights)

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On 7 June 1995, the first Boeing 777 operated the first commercial flight. United Airlines was the launch client of this type of aircraft, and the first flight was operated on the Denver - Chicago route. The United 910 flight made history, being the first operated with a Triple Seven, and there were 292 passengers on board. The first international commercial flight was operated on the London Heathrow - Washington Dulles route.

At that time, passengers on the first Boeing 777-200 United had access to six movie channels, but also to 19 audio channels (120 minutes per channel) in English, as well as in other languages.

To define the 777, Boeing outlines two basic features: fuselage length and range (the maximum distance an aircraft travels from take-off to landing, with no air supply and no stop). The length of the fuselage influences the carrying capacity: the number of passengers carried and the cargo capacity. But about the story of the most beloved commercial aircraft, in a dedicated article.

In the 20 years of flights, Boeing 777 aircraft carried over 1 billion passengers. To date, 1304 aircraft from the Boeing 777 family have been delivered. The 1000 threshold for B777 aircraft was reached in 2012, and again 1000 Boeing 777 arrived at Emirates.

The largest fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft has Emirates, 144 Boeing 777 aircraft in commercial service, but read more in "Top 10 largest fleets of Boeing 777".

Boeing 777 is a plane that we really love and hope to fly with a version of this family as soon as possible. If you have flown a triple seven, we invite you to leave comments about your flights, experience on board a B777. If you have photo / video material with Boeing 777 aircraft, but made by you, we are waiting for you at sorin @ airlinestravel.ro.

Chronicle of the first commercial flight operated by the first Boeing 777 written by Darren Booth!

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