(Video) The last flight of the Boeing 777-200 (A6-EMF) Emirates

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This month, the last airplane of its kind Boeing 777-200 (A6-EMF) he left the fleet Emirates, after 19 years of flights. The aircraft was received by the Arab operator on 16 October 1996. It flew over 60 millions of miles, enough to cover the distance from Earth to Moon and return 80 times. It has carried hundreds of thousands of passengers to destinations around the world, including Warsaw and Ho Chi Minh City.

The last flight operated on the Dubai - Arizona route via Boston, and the captain was Captain Constantinos Nicolaou. Prior to the flight, the aircraft underwent a debranding process, which included the removal of the Emirates color scheme and the Emirates logo. After this process, the aircraft becomes unrecognizable. Only the seats and carpet inside remain unchanged. Technically speaking, the aircraft goes through a process of checks and reconditioning to return to a shape similar to the original, when it entered the fleet.

The aircraft is still fit for flight, but Emirates has a fleet upgrade plan and wants the aircraft's average age to be up to 75 by Monday. Depending on the contract, the aircraft returns to the leasing company or is put up for sale.

Emirates has a fleet of over 230 widebody aircraft (8 aircraft types). It owns the largest fleet of Airbus A380, with 64 super-jumbo operational service, and 76 in command. Emirates also owns the largest fleet of Boeing 777 aircraft.

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