(Video) Tips and recommendations if you want to be a stewardess

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The task of accompanying on board arouses the interest of many young people. It is a well paid job, it involves many flights and trips to different destinations around the globe. But how many of these young people are prepared to work on a plane, and how many of them know what a stewardess job really means?

thought spoke to Anca Dumitrescu and Georgiana Ene about the stewardess job! From the video below, find out how it is best to present yourself at the interview, the rules you must follow, expectations and many other tips.

"The job of flight attendant comes with a salary starting from 1.000 euros and accommodation in hotels around the world. Travel around the world is included in the package. Apparently, all you have to do is smile, stay calm and deal with tense moments. But for all this you need training. But what the job of flight attendant really entails is told by Oana Ene and Monica Posmaieşi. Behind the smile, the presence of mind and the state of calm hides a caisson rigor. Every detail, every gesture, every reaction is worked, studied and intensely trained. "

Anca Dumitrescu and Georgiana Ene developed a business (vreausafiustewardesa.ro (E) / howtobecabincrew.com (EN)) which helps aspirants to this profession - as a steward - to get what they want.

More information about the online platform in English - How to be Cabin Crew!

I want to be Stewardessă launched in February 2015 an international platform dedicated to aviation and future on-board companions, following the project started a year and a half ago in Romania. How to be Cabin Crew is the new identity, through which future on-board companions from around the world can access useful information and articles, jobs available in the field, consulting and online courses.

How to be cabin Crew is an international platform dedicated to flight attendants, which provides readers with all the information they need when choosing a career in aviation. The site includes articles with information about the career of a flight attendant and how you can get such a job, interviews with career stewardesses, news about available jobs in the field, travel journals and stories about in-flight experiences.


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