The Turkish Stars BIAS 2015

(Video) Turkish Stars at BIAS 2015

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After I told you the date when the Bucharest International Air Show will take place - BIAS 2015, today I found out the first acrobatic band that confirmed the presence. It's Turkish Stars, Turkey's national aerial acrobatics team.

Turkish Stars has spent the days of 20 and 21 June 2015 for BIAS 2015. A new edition of the Bucharest International Air Show awaits us, and the merits go to the Bucharest Airports team.

Below is a short snippet from the 2012 workouts.

And a video of their gorgeous evolution!

Turkish Stars was also present at BIAS 2012, the first year that AirlinesTravel became a media partner of the event. The formation is the only one in the world to evolve, starting with 2004, with eight supersonic fighter jets. Demonstrations in this category are usually made of six aircraft.

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