(Video) Unboxing: Boeing 787 Dreamliner KLM

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On 14 November 2015, KLM received the first Dreamliner aircraft from the fleet. On the morning of 14 November, at 07: 16, the aircraft landed in Amsterdam. It operated the KL7879 delivery flight on the Everett (PAE) - Amsterdam (AMS) route. It flew at an average altitude of 12500 meters, with a maximum speed of 520KTS (960km / h).

Boeing 787-9-KLM

KLM presents us with a beautiful unboxing of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner. Normally, the concept of unboxing is used when unpacking a new gadget (laptop, phone, camera, etc.). KLM has taken the idea of ​​unboxing to another level, presenting the new Dreamliner as an advanced gadget in the aircraft world.

For KLM, the introduction of the Boeing 787-9 marks the beginning of a new era for both passenger and flight safety, with the Boeing 787-9 offering the highest quality and comfort.

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Among the most important features of the aircraft are the new World Business Class (WBC) seats, which can be fully folded to 180 degrees and have direct access to the corridor, Economy Class seats, which can be folded with 40% more compared to those from other Boeing aircraft, a state-of-the-art entertainment system and Wi-Fi for all passengers who want to be online during their flight.

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