(Video) United for Wildlife / Stop illegal wildlife trafficking - campaign supported by Emirates

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This week, 2 Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft were covered with special livery (2 different models). Under the "United for Wildlife" campaign, Emirates and 7 international organizations are sounding the alarm over poaching and the illegal wildlife trade.

The aim is to discourage trafficking in wild animals, to stop poaching, to better preserve endangered species and to apply the law more effectively. And we can stop the illegal trade in wild animals by boycotting the products (clothing and footwear, etc.) made from the parts of these animals.


The two planes operated the first flights with the new livery: on November 2 to London; on November 5 to Mauritius. The new livery covers about 40% of the surface of the fuselage, from the "nose" to the tail of the aircraft. The largest model, of the 2 applied, is 42.5 meters long and 6.2 meters wide. Both were designed, created, produced and applied in-house by Emirates.

Below are the reasons why this awareness campaign started:

- Less than 3200 tigers live in the wild, and poaching on them is on the rise.
- In South Africa, rhino poaching has increased from 13 killed in 2007 to 1215 in 2014. Currently, 3 poaching actions per day are reported. In 2014, 1293 rhinos were illegally killed across Africa.
- More than 30 elephants are killed every year in Africa. Central Africa is the region most affected by a poaching rate twice as high as the continental average.
- The guards of the natural parks are not equipped and prepared to intervene on the poachers. Currently, poachers intervene with firearms, helicopters, have modern equipment to catch animals, including night vision equipment. About 1000 rangers have been killed in 10 years, while intervening to protect nature parks and wildlife.

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