Video: the new easyJet livery

(Video) Painting an easyJet aircraft in the new livery

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On 3 February 2015, easyJet introduced the new livery. One of the largest low-cost carriers in Europe, presented a new visual identity, the 3 of the entire 20 history of the airline operator.

The first livery easyJet was introduced in the 1995, along with the first aircraft in the fleet, and was totally different compared to what was on the market. The aircraft telephone number for reservations was painted on the aircraft. The second color scheme was introduced in 1998. The livery displayed "" over the fuselage, reflecting the company's desire to move more and more online.

At the end of 2014, the Airbus A320-200 (G-EZUA) aircraft was painted in a livery demo. Notice the differences between the old and the new livery.


The 3 chromatic scheme, the final one and the newest one, brings some important changes: “.com” disappears; the easyJet logo is no longer spread throughout the fuselage as in the old scheme and is 15% higher compared to the demo model at the end of 2014; an orange strap was inserted over the fuselage and thus offering a more elegant, more dynamic and modern look.

Video: The new livery applied on an Airbus A319-100 easyJet!

EasyJet has a fleet of 226 of all Airbus - A319 and A320 aircraft. easyJet also has 197 of custom Airbus A320 aircraft, which will replace the old A319. The new livery will be painted on new aircraft entering the British carrier fleet.

New easyJet livery

New easyJet livery

The new livery will also be painted on existing aircraft, but with a well-established frequency. Young aircraft in the easyJet fleet are scheduled to repaint every six years, and the process takes approximately 7 days. So by the end of this year, 29 of easyJet planes will be in the new livery. By the end of 2017, 50% of the easyJet fleet will be painted in the new color scheme.

Do you like easyJet's new visual identity?

(Photo / video source and info: easyJet depress release)

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