VietJet Air was fined $ 1000 for an unapproved bikini show

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VietJet Air, a low-cost company in Vietnam, was fined $ 1000 for a bikini show that took place during a flight. The problem was not how the show was organized, but it was not approved by the Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam.

The airline operator violated local air transport regulations by organizing an unapproved event during a flight.


And now let's see the beautiful side of things. VietJet Air organized a Hawaiian-themed beauty mini-contest. The five girls, who participated in the beauty contest, danced briefly dressed for three minutes. They are competing in "Miss Ngoi Sao". The show was organized to celebrate the flight between Ho Chi Minh City and the Nha Trang tourist region.

Another issue was flight safety. The airline allowed the filming and photography of the show with various gadgets - cameras / mobile phones, mobile phones and tablets. This was a serious violation of international in-flight safety regulations.

  1. Master Ra says

    Super !!! from all points of view, starting with the beauty of Saigon, and ending with the beauty of the Nha Trang region… .and we are not talking about girls.
    This is definitely the flight - with the camera, filmed - to leave it slower, especially if the plane is not taking off / landing.

  2. Sorin says

    The event took place in the middle of the flight! I liked the action. Especially since it is not the only company that does such a thing… Finnair has some similar events :)

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