VietJetAir has signed an agreement for 100 for Airbus A320 aircraft

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vietjet air, a low-cost company from Vietnam, has signed an agreement for 100 of Airbus A320 aircraft. 92 has requested them from Airbus, and 8 will rent them from various other companies. The agreement signed with Airbus provides: 42 A320neo, 14 A320ceo, 6 A321ceo and 30 options from the Airbus A320 family.

The airline VietJetAir was born in 2007, but the first flights operated them only in 2011. It is the first private airline in Vietnam to operate domestic and international flights. The fleet currently has 8 Airbus A320 aircraft operational. Last week, it received the 9 aircraft, which was delivered by Airbus through the leasing company AWAS. The airline's network includes 11 domestic destinations and Bangkok.

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