Villa Camelia - the oasis of peace in the center of Sinaia

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For several years now, I have been making a tradition of spending 1 on the mountain. If we still have a mini-vacation, at least we can enjoy it as we know better. I choose the mountain for peace, fresh air, relaxation and because it is always welcoming regardless of the weather.

The same thing happened this year. During 1-4 May 2015, I went to Sinaia, and I moved the office to Villa Camelia. I didn't know much about this accommodation, but I saw some pictures and liked how it looks on the outside. It looked like a little box in a story.

Vila Camelia
Villa Camelia

On the morning of May 1, I packed my bags, took the train from Bucharest and in 1.5 hours I was already at the train station in Sinaia. From the train station to the villa I did not do more than 10 minutes, but in "difficult" conditions. It is not easy to climb some steps to Str. Backrest Mihail Cantacuzino, no. 5. And I reached my destination.

Villa Camelia is just as welcoming and in reality, as I imagined, just not so small. It looks good on the outside, renovated and rehabilitated, but twisted inside. It has 20 rooms, of which 7 can be triple and 2 apartments. Can accommodate up to 45-50 people. As for the rooms and furniture, they are gradually upgraded. I saw beautiful and spacious rooms, some with new furniture. The rooms do not have a standard and each is decorated in a different way. Some are larger, others smaller. Some have a balcony, some don't. So it's good to order a room the way you want.

It is a combination between a mountain hut, where everything is made of wood and where everything is creaking, but with the allure of a small hotel. Although it is so magnificent, Villa Camelia does not lose the warmth of a welcoming home. From the reception I was greeted with a smile on my lips. I checked in and was taken to the room. I stayed at the 18 room, somewhere on the 2 floor where I could admire the snowy mountains. I was provided with all the necessary information regarding the 1 May program, the services I had available and the times when I must attend for dinner and morning meal.

I would like to mention that I have noticed the cleaning since the entrance and I imagine that such a villa is not easy to maintain. Just as clean and in the room, everything worked. Large room, spacious, double bed in the middle, but slightly older furniture. It didn't bother me as long as it was well maintained, it didn't smell bad and it provided me with the necessary comfort. For me, furniture and cleaning are less important. And yes, I attach great importance to the bed, mattress and sheets. For a good sleep, you need a custom mattress. In this chapter I really have nothing to reproach. I slept like a baby in the 3 nights as I stayed at this villa.

Tasty and rich meals. The villa has a small kitchen in which the morning meal is prepared, and on request it can also provide dinner. However, being at 5 minutes from the central area of ​​Sinaia, many tourists prefer to dine at the resort.

I liked breakfast because every morning I had something else. On one of the mornings I served turkey roll, cheese roll, sausage, omelette and the tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, etc. were missing. The other morning I had sausages, eggs, sliced ​​peppers with beaten eggplant, stuffed mushrooms and so on. There are always 2 desserts and both made in the villa. It may not be very varied, but it tastes and you have to choose from. And we know very well that a good day is known in the morning, and breakfast is the most important meal.

Since 1 May, the hosts have prepared a barbeque dinner, and on the other evenings we ate through Sinaia. And at every major holiday, Villa Camelia is transformed. Christmas becomes Santa's house, Easter is filled with scrambled eggs, and Halloween is adorned with carved Boston.

As I said in the title, Camelia Villa is a quiet oasis in the center of Sinaia. It is located at 5-10 minutes from the train station, at 5 minutes from the central area of ​​the resorts, the park, everything that is most important in Sinaia. Maybe an 10-15 minutes by cable car and not even Peleş is very far.

It was a beautiful day, during which time I relaxed, loaded myself with fresh forces and enjoyed Sinaia. For those who want to escape from the concrete of the cities, Villa Camelia can be a perfect choice. Excellent amenities of the villa I make it perfect for a weekend of work in the mountains as it was in my case, small business meetings, for a team building or for a family outing.

And now let me tell you a little about the history of the villa. Created in the 1884 year, the Camelia Villa was designed in the Austrian-German style by the same master who also donated the Peleş Castle, the emblem of the Romanian royalty. The villa was relocated to 2007 and since then the process of restoration, refurbishment and refurbishment with ambition, skill and undeniable good taste has begun. As I said before, the cozy villa announces itself to be a place of relaxation just before you step on the threshold. The delicate camellia flower is the inspiration for the villa's name.

And because Pentecost is approaching, Villa Camelia has prepared an offer for a stay between May 30 and June 2.

If you've already been to this villa, we look forward to your impressions. If you haven't been, it's time to give it a try. AirlinesTravel together with Villa Camelia are preparing a surprise for you. Keep an eye on us!

The photos were taken with a Canon EOS 70D Kit EF-S 18-135 STM DSLR camera with WiFi (Canon Romania) and a smartphone Huawei Ascend P7 from Huawei Romania.

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