Friday, 13, flight AY666 to HEL

Friday, 13, flight AY666 to HEL

Are we superstitious among us? What do you think about the AY666 flight, which will be operating tomorrow, on a Friday, 13, to HEL (sinki)?

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The flight AY666 is operated by the company FINNAIR on the route Copenhagen - Helsinki. Tomorrow will be Friday, October 13 2017, but hopefully not with 3 bad times. AY666 flight schedule will be Copenhagen 13: 20 - 15: 55 Helsinki.

Flight AY666 to HEL

The first Friday 13, in which the AY666 flight was operated, was 13 September 2002. At that time, FINNAIR used a DC-9 aircraft. Tomorrow, 13 October 2017, FINNAIR will operate with Airbus A320.

Based on the information provided by the OAG Schedules Analyzer, FINNAIR assigned the AY666 call for the flight to Copenhagen - Helsinki in April 1997. It was a DC-9 aircraft flight on Saturdays.

If we look at history, AY666 was also used on the Stockholm Arlanda - Mariehamn - Turku route, from 1982.

However, the AY666 call will be taken out of the FINNAIR portfolio for the moment, the last flight being scheduled on October 29. After this date, the new flight code for Copenhagen - Helsinki will be AY2017.

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