Virgin Atlantic lays off 3150 employees. Close the Gatwick base

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Virgin Atlantic has announced that it will reduce approximately 3150 jobs in the UK and end operations at Gatwick Airport in London. The airline currently has about 10.000 employees.

The shock announcement comes after rival British Airways also said it did not rule out the closure of its operation at London Gatwick International Airport. The Balpa pilots' union described the decision as "devastating".

Virgin Atlantic, which is requesting emergency loans from the British government, also intends to reduce its fleet. The fleet has been reduced from 45 to 35 aircraft. The 7 Boeing 747-400 aircraft have already been retired. Also, Virgin Atlantic also gave up the 3 x Airbus A340-600.

At the same time, the British carrier Virgin Atlantic hopes to resume operations in a proportion of 60% by the end of 2020.

At the moment, many airlines have announced massive layoffs and restructuring plans for the near future. The COVID-19 pandemic has put aviation on the ground.

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