Visit online 5 places in Israel, including the Holy Grave

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Due to the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries of the world have closed borders and blocked the access of foreigners. Hundreds of thousands of flights have been canceled since January and so far, Dozens of airlines have canceled flights or suspended all operations.

Tourism is going through difficult times, unimaginable for the XNUMXst century. Bars, restaurants, shopping centers, but also tourist attractions were closed. The urge of the authorities is to make everyone stay in their homes. Social spacing can slow the spread of the new coronavirus and even stop it.

Visit 5 places in Israel online

For all those who are quarantined or isolated at home and do not know what to do, we recommend that you travel virtually as much as possible. We recommend you to go to the zoo, at a museum. And again, we recommend that you travel online through Israel.

  1. Jerusalem

The tour in Jerusalem begins with a panorama of the city, seen from the West Wall or the Wailing Wall. Later, the viewer is carried among the parishioners at the Church of the Holy Sepulcher, where both the outside and the inside can be seen. During the tour, you can visit the Holy Grave, the Al-Aqsa Mosque, but also the view from the Olive Mountain. The viewer reaches the colorful markets of the city and can enjoy the many views of the tour.

The tour is available here!

  1. Carmel Square, Tel Aviv

After Jerusalem, the next interesting virtual tour is in Carmel Square in Tel Aviv. It is the largest market in Tel Aviv, a place where you can find everything from fresh fruit to jewelry. In this simplified virtual tour, spectators receive a sample of what Carmel Square means: color, diversity, crowds and many tourists.

  1. Jaffa Fortress

Located on a hill overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, in the southern part of Tel Aviv, Jaffa has been the center of historical events for thousands of years. Still an active port today, Jaffa is a perfect place to explore. In this city tourists wander through art galleries, boutiques, markets, but can also take a walk through the harbor, overlooking the Mediterranean. You can also do the last activity in the list this tour Interactive

  1. The Negev Desert

The Negev Desert occupies more than half of Israel's total area. In the this short virtual tour presents a panorama of the natural landscape of this desert. You can almost feel the heat in the image on the skin itself. Even though it is a very warm place, there are no sand dunes like in the Sahara, but on the contrary: Negev is highlighted by remarkable landscapes, waterfalls, caves, archaeological sites, cities, craters and a rich history.

  1. Eilat

Eilat Marina is the starting point for many of the city's water activities. The marina offers docks for a variety of commercial shipping companies, which offer private tours of the Red Sea, boats for group parties, as well as excursions for tourists. Enter this virtual tour and you can capture a small panorama of the marina.

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