Visit online museums in Romania (virtual tour and panoramic images)

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I invite you to visit some museums in Romania online. #Stiaciacasa to keep yourself from COVID-19 and to protect others. Break the spreading chain. And in order not to be bored, we decided to publish periodically some useful and educational information in the area of ​​travel, virtual travel.

I recommend a few zoos, I recommend a few international museums and even to Visit sights in Israel. And for moviegoers, I have recommended a few films with airplanes and about the aeronautical industry.

But let's return to our virtual visit to museums in Romania. Yes, to my surprise, many museums in Romania have managed to exhibit their works of art in digital format. It's true that it's not live streaming, but we have virtual tours and panoramic images.

Aviation Museum  - obviously the first recommendation. There is a 2D virtual tour that requires Adobe Flash. It can best be seen from the desktop.

Grigore Antipa Museum - one of my favorite museums in Romania, after the aviation one, obviously!

National Museum of History of Romania - has virtual tours in 2D and even 3D format (you can watch with passive glasses for 3D) (needs flash).

National Museum of Art of Romania - Theodor Pallady Museum - virtual tours of each room. Cute for art lovers (needs flash).

Cotroceni National Museum - Yes, yes, where Iohannis also works. There are virtual tours with each section.

Botanical Garden of Bucharest - "Dimitrie Brandza" - 3D stereo virtual tour, requires 3D glasses.

Virtual tour of the former communist prison in Doftana - an interesting virtual tour, through nature.

Bran castle - a video presentation that you can watch below

"Ion Creanga" Memorial House - a presentation of the memorial house and a virtual tour, which requires flash.

And for those who are interested in visiting many more museums in Romania, I recommend you enter this one link.

  1. Calin says

    Here's another one 🙂 The National Museum of Maps, with its virtual tour, here

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