Vivienne Westwood has created the new Virgin Atlantic uniform (photo)

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Vivienne Westwood, known British fashion designer, is the one who signs the latest uniforms of the team Virgin Atlantic, one of the companies of the businessman Richard Branson.

Enrolled in a large project, which required new design sketches for 22 of models of clothing worn by the Virgin crew, the artist managed to obtain flawless and innovative pieces, totally out of place for such uniforms.


For Virgin Atlantic employees, uniform is one of their favorite things that beautifies their days at work, and the company's investment in new models of uniforms and implicitly partnering with a great designer has made them even more confident, all saying they feel great. in new creations.

Fashion is taking a new step and more and more designers are embracing the concept of sustainable fashion, and Vivienne Westwood has been thinking about integrating this new "trend" into the project with Virgin Atlantic. Thus, all clothing items that complement Virgin's wardrobe, men's and pilots' wardrobe, were designed using new technology that recycles old polyester clothing, creating new fibers that can be used for new textiles.

As our fashion designer lover has been accustomed to us with in her collections so far, and the Virgin crew suits are clothes that draw your attention through unique tailoring, made from precious materials and in bright colors.

The new Virgin Atlantic wardrobe was launched last day in a London location. The well-known Blondie band was invited to the glittering event, and soloist Debbie Harry stepped onto the stage in a red jacket in the new stewardess uniform.

(Article signed by Mihaela Dalar Stanca)

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