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On 7 May 2014, the Travel Agency OVI Travel (Raluca Ioana Dumitru - General Manager OVI Travel; Cristian Curus - Strategy and Development Manager OVI Travel) launched, a full mobile online platform dedicated to booking tourist services - plane tickets, hotels and super city break packages.

Unfortunately, I could not attend the launch event, but I let you read the press release below. I have browsed the platform and I like it because it loads fast, it is a very well optimized and flexible platform for searching. It offers many services and travel possibilities, but also for payments. Money to have!

So far, investments of EUR 250 have been made, and investments will continue for another EUR 000 until the end of 100. And the goal is an ambitious one, 000 million euros by the end of next year.

The full mobile concept encompasses many elements, from user access to a modular online platform and flexible search methods for finding the desired tour services, to accessing innovative support services and a wide range of payment methods, including through Viber applications and WhatsApp. is a full mobile, intuitive, responsive design online platform, adaptable to any type of device that is accessed: desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone, taking the form of the device's screen while retaining the same functions.

The full mobile concept also includes personalized support services, offered for the first time in South-East Europe through two popular mobile applications among users, WhatsApp and Viber, these services coming to complement the classic assistance, through the call center Important to users is that access to these support services is done through a unique number, 0371.788.788. Thus, by saving it in the phone book, potential buyers and existing customers have very quick and easy access to consulting and the possibility of purchasing new services.

Multiple search methods for desired tourist services
The full mobile concept also means greater flexibility in choosing the desired tourist services. Thus, in addition to the classic airline and hotel reservation services, includes four types of flexible searches such as weekend search (simultaneous search on all weekends in a calendar month), activity search (activity-based search). which the user wants to do on vacation), searching the hotel according to the tourist objectives next to which the user wants to be accommodated, or searching for a "Vivolis adventure", which is made according to the period of travel, budget and the desired continent.

At the same time, also integrates the possibility of dynamic packing of transport services (plane ticket) and accommodation in "super city break" packages, which can have up to 7 nights spent at the destination. An advantage of this service is that the rates are available in real time for booking when searching.
"For customers, full mobile also means the flexibility to perform online searches and reservations, and this is given by the functions that the platform includes: weekend search, activity search, real-time creation of city break packages and others. . We believe that weekend search is the function that offers the greatest degree of flexibility for tourists, because most go on short vacations, on weekends, and many base their purchasing decision on the final price of the trip. Only available for hotel services at the moment, the search by weekend will be extended in the near future and for the plane tickets ”, explained Cristian Curus, Strategy and Development Manager of OVI Travel.

Multiple payment methods and payments via Viber and WhatsApp
To provide a full mobile experience, the platform also includes a responsive design payment page, which helps the user make a payment with the card on the tablet or mobile phone as easy as when the operation is performed. from your computer. For this purpose, OVI Travel has chosen the services of PayU, the main online payment integrator in Romania.

In addition, the concept of full mobile is complemented by the online booking and payment service through two mobile applications widely used by Romanians, WhatsApp and Viber. For starters, in pilot mode (beta), users will be able to book or purchase airline tickets and medical insurance through the two mobile applications. Therefore, when a customer requests through one of the two mobile applications, through a call center or an e-mail, the purchase of such a tourist service, the travel agent will generate a payment link that will be sent through a message written via Viber or WhatsApp.

Through PayU users have several payment options available:
• with the card (Visa / Electron Visa / Mastercard / Maestro)
• with the card in interest-free installments, using Card Advantage (Credit Europe Bank), Star BT (Banca Transilvania) and BRD Finance (BRD).

In the future, OVI Travel will develop the partnership with PayU, and will integrate into the platform and other payment options, thus completing the full mobile concept launched today.

Investments of 350.000 euros
OVI Travel has two online solutions in its portfolio. The first, RED Bookings, a B2B solution addressed only to partner travel agencies, offers them access to travel services integrated by OVI Travel. The second platform -, is a B2C solution addressed to individuals and legal entities, who want to purchase online travel services. Both platforms are based on the technologies of the Romanian company DCS +, specialized in creating software for travel agencies, and are hosted in the cloud, through Amazon services.

“The total investment for the two online platforms has so far been 250.000 euros. Because we want to offer new clients and new functions, these investments will continue, so that until the end of 2015 we will still invest in the platform yet another 100.000 euro. At the same time, in terms of revenue, we estimate about 1 million euros by the end of next year, ”said Raluca Ioana Dumitru, General Manager of OVI Travel.

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