Visiting the Airbus base in Toulouse / Airbus A350 XWB

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It's been a year and a month since the most beautiful experience in the world of aviation. During the period 20-21 May 2015, the online publication was invited to Toulouse, at the base of Airbus. I attended one of the most interesting conferences on environment and aviation. On this occasion, I was also at the final assembly line of the aircraft Airbus A350 XWB.

It was a conference about eco-efficiency strategies at Airbus. Although statistics show that the aviation industry has developed in a responsible way to the environment, we appreciate Airbus's effort to continue this trend. Together with other entities in the aerospace industry, Airbus manages to put its actions into practice. This is especially important in the current context of the very rapid development of the aeronautical industry.

Meeting with Airbus A350 XWB

After the first part of the day, during which we talked about the impact of aviation on the environment and the new eco strategies, we were transferred to the M81 area. Here we were greeted by Malcolm ridley, Experimental Test Pilot, and Medhi Zeddoun, Flight Test Engineer. They guided us through the substructures of an Airbus A350 XWB (MSN5).

The newest aircraft in the Airbus portfolio plays an important role in developing eco-efficiency strategies. Over 70% of the weight efficiency of the A350 XWB aircraft structure is made using advanced materials, combining 53% composite structures with titanium and advanced aluminum alloys.


Compared to current environmental regulations, the compliance margins of A350 XWB are impressive: 99% below the hydrocarbon emission limit, 86% below the carbon monoxide emission limit, 60% below the smoke emission limit and 35% below the emission limit. emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx). A350 XWB is also a "silent neighbor". The noise emitted by this aircraft is up to 21dB below the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) limit.

Going over this technical information, I can tell you that the Airbus A350 XWB is a comfortable, quiet aircraft and conveys that sense of security and even more.






The plane is the safest means of transport, as stated by specialists and confirmed by statistics. Sure, all aircraft are capable of flight and safe, but A350 is something else. It comes equipped with next generation technologies and redundant systems, making pilot work easier on the fly.




I had a unique feeling when I had a face-to-face "confrontation" with the newest generation of aircraft. We were able to get very close to the engines, the landing gear, to analyze it from all angles. I didn't fly with him, but what does it matter? The experience lived around a A350 XWB on the ground is far beyond what you can experience during a flight. For passengers, flight matters, but for airplane enthusiasts it is important to be able to catch a plane.


Visit to the final assembly line - A350 XWB

After I made acquaintance cu Airbus A350 XWB (MSN5), during which time I was able to admire the Airbus eco-efficiency strategies implemented, I was at the final assembly line of the A350 XWB aircraft. It was an interesting experience to see how I get life planes. Basically, in such a line all the components are assembled like a puzzle, and the plane is ready for flight.

Can you imagine many halls, jails and oil everywhere? Then it's not good. The reality is completely different! I arrived in a huge hall, the equivalent of 2-3 stadiums, where 5 aircraft were assembled. I was surprised by the cleanliness we encountered, the quietness in the hall and the precision with which we worked. I do not think there is a hospital in Romania that is as clean as we saw in a plane assembly hall.

The time was short, but the experience of the Airbus base in Toulouse was huge.

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