Do you remember the experience of the first flight?

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Mirela of the launched a leap about travel and the experience of traveling. We are not fans of these toys, but this game proved to be funny and interesting. These are some questions that we answered with great pleasure, at the same time "traveling" a little in time and recapitulating the experiences of our travels.

The experience of the first flight


Where did you first fly the plane?

The first flight by plane was to Amsterdam, aboard a Boeing 737-800 KLM. It was the first experience on an international flight, part of my trip to Berlin (final destination). Despite more severe turbulence, the flight was enjoyable and rekindled my passion for aviation.

Name three essential things for you when you travel

Documents, money and a smartphone. I like to travel as smoothly as possible without too much luggage. But the destination, the climate and the period of the trip matter. But without documents and money I don't think you can travel, and the smartphone has become an indispensable accessory (it's part of the techtravel kit).

Who would you like to travel with?

I like to discover the world with the loved one. In two through life and the world! I traveled alone and it was fine, but it's nicer in two.


What place on the plane do you prefer: glass, aisle, middle?

Clear the window. When I fly, I like to admire the upper world and enjoy the view. Being passionate about aviation and airplanes, I like to analyze every maneuver made by pilots.


How do you "waste time" when traveling?

I think time is not wasted on the journey. Any moment, every stage of a journey has its own charm. Traveling does not mean just the destination or just visiting some tourist sights. The trip consists of road, destination, local experiences, gastronomic side, accommodation, times spent in traffic, etc. All these elements contribute to the travel experience.

Name a few countries you traveled to

I visited Germany, Holland, Spain, Greece, a little France and Turkey, a short experience in Poland, a day in Milan (Italy), we passed through Austria. I can say that I like Germany as a country, I like Spanish cuisine, the sun has another charm in Greece and Turkey, and list of tourist destinations it's long.

Which of these is your favorite?

I like Germany a lot. The Germans have a cold, rigid attitude, but their country is beautiful from south to north and from east to west. Of the total area of ​​Germany of 357.169 km², 10.477 km² belong to the conservation areas of 16 national parks, 13.414 km² were declared conservation areas and 97.936 km² represent natural parks.

In accordance with the requirements of the United Nations, 48% of the country's surface is subject to a conservation order. This puts Germany in a leading position worldwide in terms of the national natural environment. But about landscapes, cities and experiences in Germany I will write in another article.

What kind of transport do you like to travel with?

I think it is obvious that the preferred means of transport is the plane. I do not avoid the car, the coach or the ship, but the plane is in the top of the list. I started to fly more and more between cities in Romania.

Name a place you would like to return to, from places you've already visited?

I would return to Berlin. I've been to 4 times and I still have to visit :). But Madrid is also on the list of cities where I would return. Surprisingly, but I would also go to Toulouse. To understand a country and a people, just a city break is not enough. As an old friend said, sometimes you can live a life in a country and still have to find out :).

Do you have any interesting peasants in the "I missed it" category?

The technology of the 21st century helps us not to get lost so easily, but we have some funny events in airports. At Bergamo I was invited to get off my bare feet. They probably didn't like my socks: D.

Where do you travel especially for food?

In Greece I would travel for the culinary side. I like the Mediterranean cuisine (fish and seafood), and the Greeks have a kitchen with many influences from Turkish neighbors :).

What is your next destination?

The next destination is Hamburg, Germany. I told you I like this country, so I don't miss the opportunity to discover it forever. And Hamburg has been on the list for some time. We hope to get there Miniatur Wunderland!

How do you like to structure your trip?

So far I have been carried away by my destination. I didn't structure my travels, I wasn't interested too long before, I don't draw a specific route. I'm interested in getting to the hotel easily and quickly, then I have time to walk and let myself be carried away by the "wave" of discoveries.

Who do you challenge?

I challenge Andrei and Roxana Ciuchilan from, a nice and traveling family. Does anyone else want to?

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