Volcanic eruption in Bali / Denpasar Airport has been closed

This weekend, Mount Agung Volcano erupted. On Monday morning, the airport in Bali was closed to passenger traffic. The authorities have raised the alert level to the maximum. A strong eruption is expected in the next 24 hours, as has not happened since 1963.

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Today, 27 November 2017, all flights to / from Denpasar Airport were canceled, affecting thousands of passengers. This happened because of the volcano Mount Agung, which "woke up" about a month ago and intensified its eruption.

Denpasar airport was closed

On Sunday, 15 flights from / to Denpasar were canceled. And today, when the cloud of ash, smoke and steam reached 4000 meters altitude, the airlines AirAsia, Garuda Indonesia, Jetstar, Air Lion, Batik Air, Malindo, Silk Air, Singapore Airlines, Tigerair Malaysia Airlines, EVA Air, Citilink , Cathay Pacific, Thai Airways, Qatar Airways, Qantas and Virgin Australia were the first to suspend flights to Bali.


The passengers of Emirates Airlines, China Southern Airlines and Korean Air, were "luckier". The planes managed to take off before the alert increased.

Volcanic eruption in Bali

The airport on the neighboring island - Lombok - has also ceased operations. The wind pushing the cloud of ash in its direction.

According to Indonesian authorities, Mount Agung volcano has begun to shed dense ash clouds, which are accompanied by "explosive eruptions and a squeaky sound." A similar eruption occurred in 1963, when about 1600 people died. The exclusion zone was extended to 10 km, which led to the evacuation of people from the perimeter.

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