Volotea, Air Nostrum and Dante Aeronautical develop a project to transform aircraft with up to 19 seats into electric aircraft

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The consortium formed by Volotea, Air Nostrum and Dante Aeronautical presented a project to transform short and medium range aircraft, which have a maximum of 19 seats, into fully electric aircraft.

Un Spanish project seeks European funding for transformation aircraft small and with an average range, not exceeding a maximum capacity of 19 passengers, in fully electric aircraft. They could be operational in 2026.

Project to convert conventional aircraft into electric aircraft

so much technology necessary for the creation of transformation procedures as well market analysis for these aircraft to be economically viable on trade routes are provided by companies with Spanish DNA: technology Dante Aeronautical and airlines Volotea and Air Nostrum.

The project proposes the transformation into fully electric aircraft of those aircraft that have a transport capacity between 9 and 19 passengers. It includes the procedures required to implement the necessary design and aviation engineering changes in a manner that reduces economic deadlines and costs involved in the development of an electric aircraft directly from scratch.

The date of certification of the first converted aircraft to allow commercial flights is scheduled for 2024. After achieving this first objective, the process of industrialization of the procedure will begin, the commissioning of which for the transformation of several fully operational aircraft models will be in 2026 .

Volotea, Air Nostrum and Dante Aeronautical develop a new technology for converting classic aircraft into electric aircraft

The initiative is led by the company Volotea, owned by the creators of Vueling, Air Nostrum and the startup Dante Aeonautical. The project was presented to the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda (MITMA) in order to attract European funding.

Startup-ul Dante Aeronautical, founded in 2018 by Spanish engineers David Doral and Miguel Madinabeitia, is responsible for the development all technologies required for conversion. His experience integrates disciplines of advanced materials manufacturing, aerodynamics and the integration of power plants.

For the past three years, the company has been working on the DAX-19 prototype, a 19-seat regional hybrid aircraft, and in parallel has focused on modifying the aircraft to make them 100% electric. Dante Aeronautical recently reached an agreement with Sydney Seaplanes, an Australian tour operator, to transform its fleet and help it become the first zero-emission airline in the country.

In their turn, Volotea and Air Nostrum will provide market information and will contribute to the work of their respective technical fields. Both airlines hope to pioneer the application of this technology on regional routes. Project funding was budgeted at 42 million euros.

As we can see, more and more projects have started to appear that include electric propulsion in aviation. We will closely monitor this industry.

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