The ending was the Boeing 717 in Europe.

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On January 10, the Spanish airline Volotea operated the last flights with Boeing 717, performing a series of flights on domestic routes in Italy. The company gave up the Boeing 717 aircraft in favor of the Airbus A319. Thus ends the Boeing 717 era in Europe.

The last flights operated with Boeing 717 Volotea aircraft were destined for Cagliari (CAG), Catania (CAT), Genoa (GOA), Naples (NAP), Palermo (PMO), Turin (TRN) and Verona (VRN).

From there, the planes left for Venice (VCE), and in the following days they will take off for the last time to Victorville, California, where they will be preserved.

An important part of Volotea's history.

Volotea began operations at Venice Marco Polo International Airport with two Boeing 717s in 2012. The first aircraft was delivered in December 2011 and came from Midwest Airlines. The plane is still operated by Hawaiian Airlines, after leaving the Volotea fleet in 2017.

Volotea has owned 19 Boeing 717 aircraft in its fleet over the years. Now, at the time of the withdrawal, the company still owned nine such aircraft, of which only two were listed as assets.

Volotea relies on the Airbus A319.

The Spanish company, which focuses on destinations in Southern Europe, now has 24 x Airbus A319 in its fleet and orders for 5 x Airbus A320. The Spanish carrier must also receive three more A319 aircraft from Airbus.

The first A319 aircraft, registered EC-MTF or "Oh Vole Mio", arrived from Air Malta in March 2017. Among other funny names used by Volotea for A319 aircraft, we have "Han Volo", "Vo-lalá", "Avollo 11 ”and“ Hasta la Pista, baby ”. The last plane - which was delivered in June - is called the "Volotean Rhapsody".

Volotea was the last airline in Europe to operate Boeing 717 aircraft.

Volotea was the last European airline to operate the Boeing 717 model. All other carriers, which used this type of aircraft on the old continent, withdrew them completely from commercial service.

Blue1, the Finnish subsidiary of the SAS Group, operated 9 717 aircraft between 2010 and 2015. Five of them came from Spanish Quantum Air, formerly Aerolíneas de Baleares, which went bankrupt in 2010.

The former Greek national airline, Olympic Airlines, operated this type of aircraft between 1999 and 2007. The company ceased operations in December 2009.


Another airline, Spanair, operated four 717s between 2007 and 2011. Most of the Boeing 717s used in Europe came from Qantas. The Australian company uses aircraft for regional flights under the QantasLink brand.

Only three airlines in the world still use the Boeing 717.

As previously mentioned, QantasLink has 20 717 aircraft in its fleet. Delta Air Lines is by far the largest operator of the 717, with 85 aircraft in its fleet - almost half being detained on the ground. The third company is Hawaiian Airlines, which owns 19 aircraft, but only 13 are currently in use.

However, both Delta and Hawaii have established plans to withdraw Boeing 717 aircraft by 2050.

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