Volotea offers one year of free flights for the cat Lily

Volotea, the low-cost carrier in Spain, transported 50 000 for pets.

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On March 9, 2017, Volotea celebrated the transportation of 50 pets. Lily is a lucky kitten, who flew with her mistress on the route Prague - Bordeaux, and received 000 year of free flights.


A year of free flights for the cat Lily

Edo Friart, development director at Volotea, said Volotea is an animal-friendly airline and offers them the opportunity to travel with their owners.



If you want to fly with your pet, Volotea also comes with some tips: if the animal is sensitive to movement or is nervous while traveling, it would be good to consult a veterinarian to get proper treatment; update the animal's medical record; it is good to have a bottle of water for the pet etc.

Lucky kitty!

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