Volotea wants the first electric plane to be certified for flights by 2024

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Today, many companies in aviation and other tangential structures are working to develop various technologies and aircraft with electric propulsion. One of the projects is being developed by Volotea, Air Nostrum and Dante Aeronautical. The project with 100% electric aircraft will be an important step towards a future with emission-free aviation.

This aircraft will play a crucial role in the development and establishment of zero-emission regional air transport. It will be possible to make connections between destinations with small populations, the operational costs being reduced compared to much larger aircraft that use other types of propulsion.

Volotea wants to be the first electric plane by 2024

Currently, most projects involving electric propulsion aircraft have focused on low-capacity aircraft with reduced autonomy. Existing batteries cannot develop too large capacities. We are glad to see that such projects are closer to becoming a reality. In fact, the Volotea, Air Nostrum and Dante Aeronautical group are hoping for a certified prototype in less than three years, representing a major milestone for the aviation industry.

In addition to the large companies mentioned above, this project also includes engineering and technological innovation companies, research organizations and CIDETEC (Research Center Specialized in Energy Storage - Investigation Center Specializing in storing Energy).

Below you can see an infographic about the first 100% electric powered airplane.

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