Will direct flights between Romania and Egypt be resumed?

According to the publication egyptindependent.com, these days there was a high level meeting between the officials of Romania and Egypt. Following this, an agreement was signed to resume direct flights between the two countries.

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Following the October 2015 plane crash, when a Russian aircraft was shot down over the Sinai peninsula, Romania suspended its direct flights to Egypt. At that time, a travel warning was issued for those wishing to visit Egypt.

Direct flights between Romania and Egypt

In August, the Romanian ambassador to Cairo demanded the resumption of direct flights to Cairo, noting that more and more Romanians want to visit Egypt.

The Cairo meeting also highlighted the resumption of trade and academic relations between the two countries. Romania could export different Romanian products to the Egyptian market.

Officials also agreed to increase the academic exchange between Egyptian and Romanian educational institutions.

Also during this meeting, the Minister of Trade and Industry, Tarek Kabil, said that Egypt and Romania will create a joint working group for bilateral cooperation in the field of SMEs, which he argues would contribute to combating youth unemployment.

Returning to direct flights between Romania and Egypt, most likely they will be operated by TAROM. We are waiting for the official announcement!

Information source www.egyptindependent.com

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  1. Paul says

    I hope they have decent prices too.
    For now, a return ticket to Cairo is 200 Euros via Milan.

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