Vote for your favorite plane from "Planes" and win prizes with Blue Air

Vote for your favorite plane from "Planes" and win prizes with Blue Air

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From heaven, Blue Air invites you to enter the adrenaline-filled world of the new Disney animation - "Planes" / "Airplanes"! Blue Air, as official partner "Planes" in Romania, together with Cineforum, invites you to watch the long awaited movie "Aircraft", from September 6 in cinemas throughout the country.


In order to welcome "Planes" as it should, Blue Air invites you to the contest, between the 09-31 August. Vote for your favorite plane (click to participate in the contest) and you can win invitations to the "Avionane" animation preview of September 3, Blue Air flights for the whole family and many surprise prizes. Vote for your favorite plane every day and you will have more chances to win!

Planes, a spin-off of Cars animation from 2006, will premiere in our cinemas on 6 in September, reinventing the Machine universe. "Cars" / "Cars" fans know best what a great race means.

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In the animated film "Planes", the funny cars full of personality turn into a series of airplanes at least as nice, that compete among the clouds and not on the ground. Every cheerful colored plane, whether military, recreational or speed, is ready to meet its high aspirations and bravely face airline opponents.

I won't tell you too much about the movie, but I want to mention that Dusty is the main character, a small plane to spray crops, but with big dreams, who is in the contest "Wings Around The Globe". Alongside the "little boy" will be two F-18 fighter jets Bravo and Echo, the Chug tanker, Dottie - a loader and his mentor - Skipper Riley - a historic Corsair aircraft dating from World War II.


Blue Air sends you to experience the most beautiful adventures of Dusty, Bravo, Echo and Skipper ... because two of Blue Air's aircraft are named Echo and Bravo.

Enter the competition until 31 August and 2013 VOTE FAVORITE AIRPLANE!

  1. Gabriela Stanassel says

    Good evening!
    I would like to know if we can participate in the preview of the film even if we are not among the winners of the contest on facebook (to pay our tickets). If there is this possibility please let me know at the e-mail address the date, time and place of the screening.

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      The film will enter theaters in Romania on 6 September. So you can go anytime to see it, but after the date mentioned above.

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