Do you want to transfer money home? Here is a quick and safe solution.

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The year 2020 was unpredictable and tense due to the pandemic with the new coronavirus. Since March, when the global pandemic was declared, we have constantly informed you about the travel conditions from / to Romania, but also about flights and airlines.

During all this time, I was contacted by you, the one who went abroad. Your desire to return to Romania was great, but impossible in times of pandemic.

Unfortunately, travel restrictions have blocked you in foreign countries, where you went to earn more money for your family and to ensure a decent living for those close to you.

We know that August was dedicated to holidays in Romania, together with the children and parents left in the country. But 2020 has kept you and still keeps you away from your loved ones. The COVID-19 pandemic has not passed and there are still many restrictions imposed by the authorities.

The Romanian diaspora counts millions of Romanians who have gone abroad for a better life, of which you are also a part. As El Rumañol from Spain, send money to those at home as often as you have the opportunity, but also good thoughts. Maybe it was harder for you during the lockdown period, when the banks were blocked. We know cases of desperate people because they could not send money home, they could not get to a bank or a money transfer center. For them, but also for you, we have a proposal.

Do you want to transfer money home?

El Rumañol's video it is an emotional one, and the message sent is a strong one, so that those at home know that, somewhere far away, you are thinking about them and doing your best to keep in touch with the mother country.

And technology is very helpful in these turbulent times. It helps you to see those close to you and your family, to tell them how much you miss them, but also to transfer money through TransferGo, a fast and secure online money transfer service.

transfergo is an international online money transfer company that offers a wide range of affordable and secure transfer services. You can select the desired delivery time according to your needs.

The mechanism is simple. Create an account at TransferGO, initiate the procedure for transferring the desired amount to the desired account and then pay the transfer from your bank account to the TransferGO account. Everything can be done from the phone through the TransferGO application and internet banking, without going to the bank.

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