Vueling wants to offer high speed internet on board its aircraft

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Vueling wants to implement a high-speed Internet service with the help of advanced technology offered by Telefonica on four Airbus A320 aircraft. Thus, passengers will be able to enjoy an experience of internet use similar to that of the ground.

For this purpose, Vueling reached an agreement with Telefonica to provide high-speed Wi-Fi on board four aircraft Airbus A320. Until now, access to data has not been possible on short flights in Europe, such as Madrid - Barcelona.

Telefonica will be responsible for implementing LiveTV high-speed technology with AIR ACCES mobile telephony services from Eutelsat, via the KA-SAT satellite.

The Ka-Sat satellite offers unique coverage in the Ka band through 82 of spots. Each beam is associated with an 237 Mhz transponder that allows a transfer of up to 475 Mbps. The spot network covers the whole of Europe, including the Mediterranean basin, some countries in North Africa and part of the Middle East. Eutelsat has invested around € 350 million in Ka-Sat and its land network, which includes an infrastructure interconnected by 10 gateways for high quality service.

Of course, on board Vueling aircraft, transfer speeds of up to 475 Mbps will not be reached, but they promise that the speed will be about 20 Mbps, the ADSL equivalent to ground. Telefonica will also be responsible for obtaining the necessary approvals from EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency) to use this technology in A320 Vueling aircraft.

In a short time, we will be able to use the internet in airplanes, regardless of routes and distances. In this way we will be able to make better use of the time spent in flight.

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