What does Romanian tourism lack in order to develop? Tourism in Romania with many disadvantages.

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Romania is a country blessed by God and has been endowed with high mountains, deep valleys, secular forests, spectacular rivers, the fairytale Danube Delta and opening to the Black Sea, beautiful castles, many tourist attractions, traditions. We might think that all this propels Romania in the top of the preferences of tourists from Europe and the whole world. But no, it's not like that at all.

Tourism in Romania is below the level of existence in the minds of foreigners. When we travel to Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria or any other country in this world and say Romania, no one thinks of resorts, mountains and the Danube Delta, but of Hagi, Halep, Ceausescu. But when we talk about Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria or Egypt, what do we think of first? All inclusive, beautiful resorts, travel and luxury resorts. You could say that Romanians have no money and maybe you are right. They have no money to spend in Romania, preferring to leave them somewhere in an exotic country or with a little more tourism.

What does Romanian tourism lack in order to develop? He is missing a lot, and below I will point out every shortcoming.

  • Romania does not have a ministry of tourism dedicated to the development of local and regional tourism. There are no large projects for the development of tourism in Romania for the next 5-10 years. All that has been and is is worthless words and small adjustments, just to attract some insignificant European funds. A slope was made on a hill (The small slope on Cocoșului Hill - 300 meters), a chairlift in an area without tourism, has become a tourist information center in an area without tourist potential (somewhere in Gorj). Or these are not plans for a sustainable development of regional and national tourism.
  • The tourist resorts are abandoned by the authorities, without a resuscitation plan and a local and national involvement. Resorts such as Azuga, Predeal or Busteni appear on the news when the bear arrives on the slope, otherwise you don't hear much about them. Sidewalks, roads, promenade areas seem to be abandoned. The remaining slopes contribute to attracting tourists to these areas. But there is room for development and modernization. Things are still moving through Harghita and Covasna, through Sinaia, on the Romanian coast, but far from the maximum potential.
  • Romania does not have an adequate infrastructure for fast trips between regions. In recent years, things have moved in this direction, now having a highway from Bucharest to Constanța, but also through the country there are a few kilometers of express and fast road. And something was tried on the railway to revive the speed of the trains. I mention here the speed trains on the route Brașov - Bucharest - Constanța, but many other regions are still left anonymous.
  • Romania does not have an adequate promotion to attract foreign tourists. Over the years, a lot of money has been spent for nothing. There were a few commercials and commercials, some really beautiful, but wrongly targeted or left only at the stage of realization, without being broadcast internationally. Ok, they are also good if they are published in Romania, but it has no effect if you promote Bucharest in Bucharest or if you promote Prahova Valley in Prahova. You don't give the Turks pictures of the Christmas pig and you don't show the Israelis the churches in Bukovina if you understand what I'm saying. And participation in profile fairs abroad was not always up to expectations.
  • In Romania there is no unitary collaboration developed between authorities, accommodation units, catering units, providers of related services in the hospitality industry, providers of entertainment, etc. Something has moved in this direction through Sibiu, Oradea, Cluj, Covasna or Constanța, but still below the optimal potential. You may be wondering why Cluj became the host of Untold, Sibiu to host a beautiful and famous Christmas fair, Constanța to host Neverse. Well, maybe because here there was a little more openness to a unitary collaboration between the authorities and the organizers.
  • There are no qualified personnel for tourism everywhere in Romania. There are many good chefs, waiters, bartenders, good waiters, but they lack the attitude for tourism. Where is the smile, where is the respect, where is that attention for tourists? I know, life is hard in Romania, but a job is done with a smile and enthusiasm, at least in front of tourists. It is true that I had all this in Romania, but in a few accommodation units, restaurants and bars.

Tourism is not just about accommodation, restaurants and clubs

Tourism is not just about accommodation, restaurants and clubs. Tourism is also done with transport, with trained people, with extensive infrastructure and development projects, with multiple activities. In Romania, I encountered many problems when it came to traveling from the hotel to a tourist spot, an objective, an amusement park. I don't have a car, so it's hard to get somewhere without a good connection. But I did not feel this impediment in other countries and I traveled a bit through Europe. Where the authorities did not put means of transport for tourists, hoteliers did.

As an example, when I was in Lamezia Terme, I stayed in a small resort called Parghelia. To get to the beach, we had to walk about 1 km on the road, a less friendly area. But there were also cars from the hotel that transported free to the beach. There were also cars from the commune that passed by the accommodation units to gather tourists for the beach, for a fee. There is a program and it is respected.

And there are probably many more shortcomings, but I would mention that the above are the main ones. Personally, every year we choose to travel to Romania, to the mountains and to the sea. We have good accommodation and wonderful people (some of them), but we are sad when we leave the hotel. Romanian tourism can be profitable and well developed, but it lacks vision, it lacks start-up.

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