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Between 19 and 23 February, I Want to Be a Stewardess organized the first intensive training course for the interview at an airline. For 5 days intensively, participants were introduced to aviation mysteries, thus having the chance to discover the secrets of a successful interview. The students went through all the stages of a recruitment interview with an airline, from the elimination stage of height / weight, to the grooming, group games and final interview.

Nicoleta Gherman, the trainer of the course, revealed to the participants in the secrets of the on-board companion profession, making practical recommendations on how they should come to the interview to increase their chances of being hired.

Nicoleta has over 10 years experience in aviation, as a flight attendant at Qatar Airways, and is currently part of the recruitment team for several airlines.

Nicoleta Gherman: “I was pleasantly surprised by the evolution of the 19 students during the 4 days of the course. Some already had the experience of interviewing with an airline, they wanted to know where they went wrong, why they were not selected, and others wanted to know what happens at such an interview. A few ladies even attended the School of flight attendants and already had knowledge of aviation that they shared with the rest of the students eager for as much information as possible. So I had a perfect combination between the experienced and the novice in aviation. Sharing aviation information and experiences, both between trainers and students, but also only between students, in a relaxing atmosphere, a connection was formed not only professional but also friendship. This connection was observed immediately during group communication exercises, at round tables. If at the beginning during the first exercise there was a deep silence at the round table, later, during other exercises, there was a real evolution and an effective communication between the students. I'm not talking about the neat look that those corrected the next day showed over the next few days. I had a student who I didn't recognize when she came from the third day all the time with make-up and hairstyle like a real stewardess. Of course, the “icing on the cake” was to find out on the day immediately after the course that one of the participants had such an interview with Wizz Air, and another student received the employment contract with a Middle Eastern airline. . What I wish to all the participants in this course: to pass with flying colors the recruitment exams with the airline whose uniform they dream of wearing proudly in the future ”.

The students also had a career guidance workshop with a specialist with over 10 years of experience in HR, who dealt with the correction of each CV and specific recommendations on how to properly prepare such a document. On the last day of the course, after the final interview test, the students had a professional make-up & hairstyle session held by MUD Studio and Delights Beauty Club. At the end, they benefited from a professional photo session, so that upon graduation, each participant went home with a perfectly prepared resume and professional photos needed to apply for a job as a flight attendant.

Anca Dumitrescu, project manager I want to be a Stewardess: “I thought of this course as a starting point in the career of a future on-board companion. For 5 days, the participants in the course had the opportunity to learn what an interview of an airline entails, how to dress and make up on the day, how to make a personal presentation that counts and through which to differentiate itself from the other competitors. Also, being taught excluding English, the course helps participants develop their specialized vocabulary and correct any errors in oral and written expression. ”.

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