What to pay attention to when choosing an online plane ticket booking platform!

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It's no longer a secret that we've been flying frequently for over 10 years. We may not have traveled to the farthest corners of the world, and we certainly have a long way to go before we manage to visit all the countries and territories of the world, but we have frequently flown to different city ​​break destinations in Europe, to holiday destinations, there were also business trips.

During all this time we managed to gather enough experience in finding the most convenient flights or the cheapest plane tickets. There is no secret or special skill to do this, just a lot of documentation and filtered information.

Today, most travelers don't have the patience or desire to shop around for the best prices, often acting on impulse and based on past experiences. There are people who travel 2-3 times a year and are interested in getting from point A to point B quickly. But, with loneliness, there are also travelers who have made it a goal and want to fly as much as possible, to discover the world .

Plane ticket booking platforms

Regardless of which category you fall into, in this article I want to come up with a series of recommendations and tips on when and how to use non-airline booking platforms.

Obviously, when we talk about European routes, most of us go to airline websites and choose the direct flight at the best price for our travel date. It's the easiest way! We don't want any hassle, we've boarded the plane and are arriving at our destination in just a few hours.

But what do we do if we don't have direct flights to the desired destination? We are somehow forced to travel with a stopover, but most of the time the flight combinations are with full-service companies and the prices are not the best. Maybe a combination of low-cost and full-service flights or between low-cost flights of different companies would help us, something that does not normally happen. This is where these flight ticket booking platforms and online travel agency sites come into play.

Combining low-cost or low-cost and full-service flights

Know that there are platforms where you can book combined flight tickets, which helps you save money and time. This is one of the main reasons why we recommend using OTA sites (Online Travel Agency (OTA) or other airline ticket booking sites, and one of the platforms is zbor24.ro.

I did a search on zbor24.ro for a flight Bucharest – Toulouse (a beautiful city break destination plus Airbus factory and base), route not covered by direct flight from Romania. I got a lot of flight combinations, some cheaper, some more convenient in terms of time, operated by all kinds of airlines. The cheapest combination for my dates is just over 110 euros and I should fly Bucharest – Brussels – Toulouse return with RYANAIR and Wizz Air. Does the platform help me save time and money? Surely! From a search I found the cheapest combination.

*Be careful with stopovers too, they should be big enough to be afraid to redo the check and control procedure for the next flight, where appropriate.

Customer support

However, it is not the only criterion by which we are guided when choosing such a platform. We have to pay attention to the booking terms and conditions, what happens at the layover, how we can travel without the risk of missing one of the segments, etc. And here we also need support from the platform.

We need support from the booking stage until we reach the destination, at least when we encounter a problem during the journey or in the booking process. There are unforeseen situations during the trip, we lose the connection for various reasons and we don't know what to do. We need this support!

So another criterion in choosing an airline ticket booking site is that the platform offers technical support and customer relations 24/7 online and on the phone. There are platforms that offer this support, but there are also others that do not. In the case of zbor24, XNUMX/XNUMX online and phone support is available. Caesar knew flight24 team, a large one with people trained to solve any problems related to the flight.

Refund process

Another important criterion is strictly related to transactions. We have a problem, we no longer want to travel or the airline has canceled the flight, what do we do? It is important to have the support in the refund process. We often run away from intermediaries, but there are cases when we need them because otherwise we don't win.

Other services beneficial to our trip

In a competitive market with many OTA sites and platforms, related services also make the difference. If we have selected several platforms that meet the above criteria, I will probably make the final decision based on a bonus or an extra service that we consider essential.

Some support online check-in, as does zbor24. Others offer a bonus and loyalty system. There are cases when you can get a discount on accommodation or other transfer services. All these details can make a difference.

In conclusion, an online travel agency or booking platform plane tickets online must be able to provide technical support whenever flight-related problems arise; to offer the most varied and advantageous flight combinations (obviously depending on the existing flights), to provide support regarding transactions – payments / refunds and, why not, even related passenger assistance services.

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