What do tourists forget about hotel rooms in Romania!

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According to the survey conducted by Travelminit.ro among hoteliers, they mentioned about the things often forgotten by tourists in the room, and among the most frequently forgotten things we find: clothes, sunglasses, keys, chargers or even mobile phones. Most of the time, tourists come back for the important ones (phones or chargers), but when there are parts that are easy to replace, they leave them behind.

Regarding the additional cost caused by the damages created by the guests, they claim that it was a minimum: under 500 lei (40% of the votes) and under 1000 lei (29% of the votes), a sign that the tourists respect the rules of the units and does not cause major damage.

Another mention is related to their general behavior during the stay: most take with them consumable cosmetics (shower gel, soap, etc.), but do not leave the bed made and do not consume food from the minibar.

Another interesting aspect is related to the beautiful gestures that tourists make when they are satisfied with an accommodation unit. According to the Travelminit.ro survey, most people write positive reviews for the hotel or guesthouse where they were accommodated, but some go even further: tip, offer flowers to the reception staff or buy chocolates for the team.

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