When is the best time to book a flight ticket?

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We all think we asked ourselves the question: "When is the best time to book a plane ticket?"! From experience, I know that early reservations are more advantageous, and those made at the last minute are the worst. But how long before I book my flight?

According to the analysis carried out by Kayak, one of the most important search engines for airline tickets, the booking of the ticket must be made exactly 21 days before traveling for an internal trip and 34 days before for an international flight. The analysis was based on a survey that included over one billion plane ticket reservations, within 10 months.

According to the analysis, those who will book their ticket 21 days for domestic flights will pay about $ 28 less compared to those who bought their ticket six days before. For international travel, the savings made by someone who booked their ticket 34 days in advance compared to the one who booked six months in advance is $ 39. Don't leave the last hundred meters because it will sting your pocket!

Is it so? How long before you book your plane ticket?

  1. Ariel says

    he will reserve it as soon as I decide where and when I want to go. And how 2-3 months before and with 10 days.

  2. Sorin says

    Ariel, have you considered keeping track of prices, seeing how much time would be right for bookings and maybe saving some money?

  3. Sorin says

    The operator would tell you to buy as close as possible to the departure .. when the ticket is more expensive 😀

  4. Narcisa says

    there are a lot of theories in that sense. see this too: http://mashable.com/2012/09/08/book-flight-online/

    I am curious if any airline would answer such questions. 🙂

  5. Ioana says

    I am very passionate about this subject :) It is said that you can find the best prices 4-6 weeks before the flight. That's right, on verified! There are also exceptions, obviously, but they only strengthen the rule. It doesn't even occur to me to buy tickets more than 6-7 weeks before - things can change very quickly… I bought from one day to the next (and even on the same day with the flight) and I paid about 500 of euros from Valencia with the low cost :))) But it was a case of force majeure. Anyway, I'm watching the promotions. Sometimes it's not the destination that matters to me, it's the road.

    1. Sorin says

      Yes, the road matters and because of this I want to give it more importance through this project :). It would be interesting to see a report at European level too!

      Can I do a survey? :)

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