Free Wi-Fi at Chisinau International Airport from Air Moldova

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On 10 February 2014, Air Moldova announced that it has introduced free Wi-Fi in the waiting room of Chisinau International Airport.

Thus, all passengers who have purchased tickets to any Air Moldova flight can connect to this network. In order to have access to the internet, the passenger will be asked to authenticate by password.

Nothing is simpler: when entering the last five digits of the ticket number, the passenger has free internet access.

Will TAROM understand something of this idea?

  1. Ciprian says

    Unfortunately, I don't really think so… Just a brief look at the websites of the two companies you realize that Air Moldova is a decade before Tarom…

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      I wouldn't be so bad with TAROM. Air Moldova also has many flaws… Regarding the internet, I found out that it is free in the Henri Coanda airport provided by the airport itself. 🙂

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