Free Wi-Fi on board Norwegian aircraft

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As the market demands, more and more airlines have introduced Wi-Fi on board aircraft. It is not easy, but there are solutions. norwegian is the first low-cost carrier in Europe to introduce this service on board its aircraft. So far only 50% of the fleet has Wi-Fi, and by the end of 2012 all Norwegian travelers will enjoy the Internet at 10 000 m.


And Norwegian has a major advantage over other airlines because it offers free Wi-Fi. You can open and connect your laptop, smartphone etc. wirelessly when the plane reaches cruise altitude, on average 10 000m. You must make sure that your mobile phone / smartphone is set to flight mode.

If there are connection problems, do not call the flight crew. They are not trained to provide technical support for Wi-Fi. Their mission is to provide travelers with the most enjoyable and safe flight possible.

With regard to the operating system, the task seems relatively simple. On the plane are 2 wireless routers similar to most of us at home. On the top of the plane is an antenna that communicates with a satellite in orbit over 22 000 miles above Earth. The route is: the device connected by the passenger to wi-fi - router - antenna - satellite - server on Earth and finding the site or the requested information and return. Everything is done in seconds.

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