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Last night I had the pleasure and honor to participate in a beautiful event - "Social Media and Travel Blogosphere. New opportunities for tourism promotion! ” - Turism Market brand. Several travel bloggers and representatives of travel agencies had the opportunity to discuss face to face about new opportunities for tourism promotion.


The event was structured in three parts: the Social Media session, the presentations of the travel and networking bloggers. In the second part I went out with AirlinesTravel.ro to report. I had a presentation, a story, an idea, but they all disappeared when I got up to give the presentation. I don't even know what came out. I hope that those present understood that they are always with their heads in the clouds. Emotions ...!

Going through these aerial moments, I had the pleasure of seeing a lot of travel bloggers and staying in stories with different people in the tourism industry.


I "borrowed" the list of participants from Turism Market!

16 bloggers were present in the room: The Great World, Emperor Travel, Travel Girls, Viajoa, Elena Ciric, Digital Travel Guide 2.0, Airlines Travel, Free Leisure, Dan Chitila, Lucian Hirsu, Travels 360, Romania Wine Tasting, Singles Travel, Traveling , Urban Kid.

On the other hand, from the tourism companies, were present: Ministry of Tourism, FPTR, University of Bucharest, Infoturism, Qatar Airways, Happy Tour, TUI Travel Center, Accent Travel, Go Travel, Eximtur, Boutique Travel, Marco Tour, RezEx , La La Travel, Peter Express, Fresh Holidays, Klever Travel, Tez Tour, Explore Travel, Travel Maker, Romanian Airport Services, Carpat Bike, Hotel Deals, Continental Hotels, Hotel Ultima Frontiera, Perfect Tour, Drum Bun, Ana Hotels.

I would have liked to talk to several agencies, but unfortunately some of them left immediately after the presentation session. The reasons can be multiple, so I won't go into details. The important thing is that I felt good and I stayed at the story until they "kicked us out" of the hotel :).

I conclude by congratulating the 2 hosts of the event for the organizational success: Carmina Niţescu (Tourism Market, also writes on Travel with a Smile or CarminaNitescu.ro) and Andrada Crangus (Tourism Market).

One of the slides looks like this!


I promise that next time I will be in better shape!

  1. Carmina says

    Your report was very interesting. Congratulations! And most of all ... I know it was the first one

  2. Sorin says

    Next time it will be ok! :)

  3. Mihai says

    Sorine, where could I see your presentation?

  4. Sorin says

    Leave, unseen: D… Next time: P

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