With the car on holiday: the essential things that should not be missing from the car!

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We like to travel by plane, we love to fly and we plan our holidays especially by plane, but there are also destinations where we can only reach by land, by bus, train or personal car. At the same time, we know that there are many readers among you who choose to travel by personal car in order to benefit from more flexibility.

Get your car ready for the holidays!

Bulgaria, Greece, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, are just a few destinations that Romanians choose to travel by car. Many of you prefer the comfort of your own car because the destinations in question are a few hours from Romania and are worth discovering beyond the resorts. There are also people who choose to go to Europe by car because they want to discover more wonderful places in a beautiful continent.

Whether we are talking about a journey of a few hundred kilometers or thousands of kilometers, the car must work flawlessly to enjoy a pleasant and relaxing journey. Sometimes, however, it can turn into a nightmare if unforeseen problems arise. Here's how to prepare your car for the holidays! I also mentioned a few essential things that should not be missing from the car for a carefree trip!

It is recommended that, before any longer journey through the country or abroad, the car be subjected to additional checks, preferably in an authorized service center:

  • check the brakes and brake pads;
  • check the condition of the tires and set the tire pressure accordingly;
  • check battery status;
  • check the car's cables, connections and electrical system;
  • check the car's headlights and lighting system;
  • check engine oil and other fluid condition such as coolant, brake fluid;
  • take a look at the straps and hoses;
  • check the air conditioning or heating system.

Once the car has been checked and ready for the road, make sure you have everything you need in the car for emergencies. We remind you that there is a "binding legislative package". If it is missing or incomplete, you may be fined for a possible police check.

Mandatory legislative package must contain the following RAR approved products:

  • The first aid kit must contain: mouth-to-mouth respirator, scissors, adhesive tape, sterile gauze pads, patches, gauze bandages, elastic bandage, disposable gloves, sterile absorbent dressings, isothermal survival foil, safety pins and a booklet with instructions.
  • Car fire extinguisher;
  • 2 reflective triangles;
  • 1 reflective vest.

The spare wheel and tools for changing a wheel (car jack, tubular wrench for loosening studs) must not be missing from the machine; toolbox; lantern; car compressor.

Here are some general recommendations and tips, but which can vary depending on the needs of each car and even in terms of your needs. What other things do you consider to be essential in a car when you go on holiday?

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