Wizz Air has launched the new "Brand Ambassadors" program

Wizz Air launches new brand ambassador program

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Wizz Air has launched the new "Brand Ambassadors" program, meant to recognize the services offered by the cabin crew. Of the over 900 Wizz Air crew members, 70 were selected by colleagues as finalists, with Wizz Air passengers encouraged to vote on preferences that will become Wizz Ambassadors for the 2013 and 2014 years.


Voting is done through a new Facebook application on the official Wizz Air page, until 1 May 2013. Those interested can vote once a day two of their favorite flight attendants from each country where Wizz Air has operational bases. In Romania, you can choose from 15 finalists and vote for Ana Maria Jurescu and Badea, Iolanda, Georgiana, Andrea-Orsolya, Alice, Andreea-Denis, Noemi, Andreea Macovei and Andreea Velea, Flavius, Diana, Andrei, Roxana or Teodora .

The airline recommends that passengers choose flight attendants who, in their opinion, have demonstrated outstanding professionalism and have made constant efforts to provide excellent service.

Once elected, Wizz Ambassadors will be more than just brand ambassadors. The best flight attendants will represent their colleagues and discuss their profession with journalists, students, hospitalized children or others who may be inspired by the exciting life of a flight attendant.

We voted! Now it's your turn!

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