Wizz Air has launched the new website wizzair.com

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Wizz Air has launched the new website and reservation system, available on wizzair.com. Wizzair.com, initially launched in 2004, brought low cost air travel to Central and Eastern Europe for the first time, giving millions of Romanians the freedom to travel at low rates.

Wizz Air has relaunched the website and booking system following a major investment in updating wizzair.com, preparing it for further development in the future. A team over 50 of professionals have been working for six months to create the new wizzair.com and to prepare 150 of airports and customer service agents in using the new reservation system.

Wizz Air has exceeded the capacity of the old website by offering services available in over 18 languages. The new Wizz Air reservation system will be able to receive reservations and requests from hundreds of thousands of customers every day.

“Wizz Air is pleased to announce the launch of the new website and new booking system. Our low rates have made wizzair.com the most popular website in central and eastern Europe and the announced double-digit increase has required updating wizzair.com. We now invite even more partners to provide the best ancillary services to meet the travel needs of our passengers, and the faster booking system will help us to offer even more affordable fares. Wizz Air thanks 50 to millions of passengers who have made 2004 reservations on wizzair.com and the entire WIZZ team who continue to work hard to keep wizzair.com one of the most popular Romanian travel sites. ”

, stated Daniel De Carvalho, Corporate Communications Manager Wizz.

I like the new site, it looks more 2.0 and more airy. Still not familiar with the reservation system, but it seems quite simple and fast. The information is easy to find and everything is intuitive.

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