Wizz Air has launched a carbon offset system. You can pay as much as you pollute!

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Wizz Air has launched a carbon offset system as part of its broader commitment to reducing emissions, allowing passengers to calculate the impact their flight has on the environment and offset carbon emissions.

The program, developed in partnership with climate change technology company CHOOOSE, gives passengers the option to compensate for their travel by supporting reliable and high-impact climate projects around the world.

Entering flight details in the carbon footprint of the trip from wizzair.com, passengers can easily calculate and offset their flight's carbon emissions.

To balance their carbon emissions, passengers simply make a payment to support a verified carbon offset and receive a certificate in return, which recognizes their offset emissions.

Wizz Air supports two verified carbon reduction projects: The International Small Group and Tree Planting Program (TIST) from Uganda, an award-winning and long-term reforestation project, and the project Pichacay Landfill Gas to Renewable Energy Project from Ecuador, which recovers and restores methane from landfills to produce clean electricity. Both projects are certified by the Verified Carbon Standard to reduce measurable emissions.

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