Wizz Air celebrated 50 of millions of passengers transported to Romania

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WIZZ is constantly expanding its network in Romania. Just a month ago the company announced new destinations. We're talking about routes Bucharest - London Southend and Bucharest - Edinburgh. Yesterday, on 19 September, Wizz Air also announced the route Bucharest - Lyon.

However, Wizz Air has announced it will allocate a new Airbus A321 aircraft to the Bucharest base, an opportunity to increase frequencies on several routes. Among the lucky destinations we find Turin, Milan and Tel Aviv.

Wizz Air's commitment to customers in Romania is also underlined by the strong growth at the other nine Romanian airports. With a network of 148 routes in Romania, WIZZ will have for sale almost 11 millions of seats on its flights from Romania to 2020. It represents an increase with 10% from year to year.

50 of millions of passengers transported to Romania

WIZZ operations in Romania not only provide access to the lowest rates between Romania and the rest of Europe, but also stimulate the local job market in the aviation and tourism sectors, supporting over 7.400 jobs in associated industries across the country.

With the latest expansion of its local fleet, in 2020, Wizz Air will have 28 of aircraft allocated to bases in Romania and over 1.000 of employees, who offer excellent services on every flight.

Wizz Air now offers 148 routes to 20 from ten Romanian airports and recently celebrated the passenger with the 50 number of millions transported to Romania and the passenger with the 20 number of millions transported to Bucharest. Both flew from / to Bucharest and received a 250 Euro voucher for Wizz Air flights.


Wizz Air was named The best low cost airline in 2019. The award was presented at the Aviation Industry Awards Europe Gala, part of the Air Convention Europe 2019 in Vilnius, on September 17.

The distinction is among the most important and prestigious awards in the aviation industry. Over 150.000 people vote for commercial companies around the world. Wizz Air's performance was recognized by the award The best low-cost air carrier

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