Wizz Air has carried 100 millions of passengers

Wizz Air has carried 100 millions of passengers

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Wizz Air today celebrates the achievement of the most important milestone so far, with 100 millions of passengers carried over the last 11 years, through its low-cost services. The passenger with the number 100 million traveled today on the WIZZ route between London-Luton and Warsaw, and to celebrate this threshold WIZZ offered all passengers on board a free flight.

We are almost there!We are almost there!

Posted by wizzair.com on Monday, October 19, 2015

Over 22 millions of passengers from all those who have traveled with Wizz Air in the last 11 have flown on one of the company's Romanian routes. In response to the growing popularity of its low fares, Wizz Air has constantly improved customer service. Recently, the airline has introduced the allocation of seats in the plane, and for the passengers who choose the priority boarding the possibility of carrying another personal luggage along with their hand luggage.

Wizz Air celebrates this historic 100 threshold of millions of passengers by reducing 20% of all fares on all routes for WIZZ Discount Club bookings made today and tomorrow.

100 million passengers - data and figures

5.87 million children * transported (* between 2 - 14 years)
657.121 take-offs
138 years spent in the air (in flight hours)
842.847.278 miles flown
245 passengers of different nationalities

József Váradi, CEO of Wizz Air, said: “We operated our first 2004 flight between Poland and the UK, and today, 11 years later, we will celebrate a total of 100 of millions of passengers transported from over 110 airports to 38. of countries. I am proud to work with a team of more than 2.400 professionals, some of the best in the industry, for constantly delivering incredibly low rates on the market. The 100 threshold of millions of passengers reached today was achieved through a cost discipline and by transferring the savings made to our clients in the form of low fares and exceptional service. The WIZZ travel experience will continue to consist of low rates and the proposal of a service that allows adding the comfort features that meet the travel needs of our customers. I look forward to offering more new routes, more flights and more opportunities for our passengers. ”

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