Wizz Air Abu Dhabi, a new airline under the Wizz brand

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Wizz Air Holdings Plc ("Company" or "Wizz Air"), the largest low-cost air carrier in Central and Eastern Europe, today announced that it has reached a principled agreement to set up Wizz Air Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. Unite (UAE). It is intended that this company be founded in partnership with Abu Dhabi Development Holding Company PJSC ("ADDH"). The new company will be the first under the Wizz Air brand outside Europe. 

The new Wizz Air Abu Dhabi carrier is expected to be formed as a joint venture and is expected to begin operations in the second half of 2020. The company will focus on launching routes to markets where Wizz Air already has existing operations, with significant growth, especially in Central, Eastern and Western Europe, but also in the long-term in the Indian subcontinent, Middle East and Africa.

Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

Wizz Air believes that launching a truly low-cost company in Abu Dhabi can contribute to the sustained growth of Abu Dhabi as a first-class cultural and tourist destination. ADDH's extensive local market knowledge, support and guidance in a completely new market for WIZZ are invaluable and will accelerate the successful development of the new company. 

The establishment and start-up of the new company depends, among other things, on the acceptance and entry into force of the final documentation by ADDH, the reception of all internal and external agreements, and the compatibility of the new airline with all the regulations of the General Civil Aviation Authority UAW necessary to obtain a Certificate of Air Operator (AOC). 

With a fleet of Airbus A321neo aircraft, the most efficient single-aisle aircraft, Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will have access to markets with over 5 billion customers in Europe and beyond. The commercial offer of the new airline will align with the existing one of Wizz Air and will focus on offering pleasant experiences based on quality services and one of the greenest fleets in the world *. 

Speaking in Abu Dhabi, József Váradi, Chief Executive Officer of Wizz Air Holdings, said: "We are proud that our first non-European airline opens in Abu Dhabi, the UAE capital. ADDH's strong local knowledge and support on a new market for WIZZ are invaluable and will contribute to the accelerated growth of this low-cost company. Wizz Air Abu Dhabi will be a milestone in the development of Wizz Air, built on the ultra-low-cost successful business model that offers travel to as many customers as possible. We believe that the new company has the potential to become an important player in the region. I would like to express my gratitude to His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan and Mr. Mohammad Al Suwaidi for their commitment and support, without which this unique partnership would not have been possible. "

Official statements regarding Wizz Air Abu Dhabi

His Excellency Sheikh Mohammed Bin Hamad Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, President of Abu Dhabi Airports, said: "Abu Dhabi International Airport continues to grow and develop as a major gateway to the United Arab Emirates and the entire region, which is why we welcome airlines such as Wizz Air that contribute to this expansion and the impact this partnership will have on economic development. national. We look forward to building a successful partnership with WIZZ in the coming years. ”

Mr. Mohamed Hassan Al Suwaidi, ADDH CEO: "We are a trusted government partner, with a clear mandate to develop key sectors of the non-oil economy in Abu Dhabi and that is why we are proud of the partnership with Wizz Air, an airline with a strong market presence and recognition. of the brand in the main European markets. Through our partnership with Wizz Air, we aim to capitalize on the growing demand for low-budget travelers and to support the continued growth of Abu Dhabi as a world-class cultural and tourist destination. ”

Bryan Thompson, Abu Dhabi Airports Company CEO: 'The launch of the new airline further demonstrates the UAE's robust aviation market infrastructure. In addition to a strong passenger transfer program, Abu Dhabi International Airport (AUH) has also seen an increase in direct (non-transit) passenger traffic this year - remaining one of the busiest airports. rapid growth in the region. New travel deals continue to inspire visitors from all over the world to come to Abu Dhabi. We tell them in Abu Dhabi and we look forward to providing them with an exceptional travel experience and more travelers. ”

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